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Saturday, May 1st, 2004
9:23 am
Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
6:49 pm
I just got an e-mail from People for the American Way. Please pass this info along to any lists or blogs you frequent.

"With members and supporters like you, it is hard to imagine that a day might come when People For the American Way's voice for democracy, fairness and justice would be muted. But we, and almost all other nonprofit advocacy groups, are facing the unimaginable because of proposed rules being considered in April by the Federal Election Commission.

The FEC - an appointed body of three Democrats and three Republicans - is considering new rules that would muzzle virtually all nonprofit advocacy groups, right in the middle of this critical election year. These over-reaching, unjustified rules would severely limit, if not outright prohibit, People For and other nonprofits from engaging in advocacy activities that are vital to our democracy, such as registering voters in the months before a federal election or informing voters of federal officials' policy positions and the potential impact of those positions.

Urge the FEC to reject the harmful and unwarranted rules on nonprofit free speech and advocacy - send a free fax to the FEC today:


Note: The FEC's deadline for comments is April 9th, but we encourage you to get your comment in by April 8th to make sure it is considered.

Outside of a few brief articles, little media attention is being paid to this enormous threat to freedom of speech and democratic debate. We really need your help to spread the word, especially to friends and family members who belong to nonprofit organizations. The FEC's proposed rules would affect nearly every type of nonprofit: big and small; activist- and research-oriented; left-wing, right-wing, and centrist. If you or a friend works for, or sits on the board of, a nonprofit, urge that an organizational letter of opposition be sent."
Saturday, March 27th, 2004
11:46 pm
DIY Politics
From Kimmy Cash:

The following is my attempt at a fundraising letter. Please read it. Please donate. It's not that long and it explains alot about DIY and where we are today. -kimmy

Entering it's first month as a Non Profit Organization, DIY Politics has already been through the ringer. Political heartbreak and confusing times and we are pleased to report to you: an energy that we have never seen before! We are so happy to announce that not only are our members and supporters overcoming the confusion, they are more pumped than ever to continue this movement We have witnessed a small amount of change and now we are addicted. There is no going back. The database is growing more every day and we are now connecting with very well known organizations like Punk Voter and The League of Pissed of Voters.

The result of this large pool of usually ignored voters is resulting in something so exciting: a *community* of first time voters, activists and artists that will change things for years to come. While candidates like Howard Dean, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader and Carol Mosley Braun (to name a few) will not be the individuals to go head to head with Bush, they have started something that we must continue. Change. We are in a desperate struggle for change. We feel that we have a unique strategy that is speaking to people: DIY. The do-it-yourself approach.

We are a community of artists, musicians and activists from across America that have come together to promote the true progressive agenda and build a community that will no longer be ignored. Complaining about the problems that exist with this administration today create awareness, but offer no solution. With participation from thousands of supporters, we offer techniques on our website to help first timers and people with a little experience who are ready to take their next step. Outside of the website we are bringing people together with concerts, good times and art.

Our newest adventure, BBQ Battlefield is a perfect example. Read more about the BBQ Events on our website at http://www.diypolitics.org/bbq.html With the active participation of people across the nation we are using creativity to regain control of our lives, our government, our country. We are spreading awareness through art and we are welcoming everyone on board with music.

This month we are asking for your financial support. Everywhere we look today we see the right wing extremists confusing voters and potential voters. In our clubs and venues that are representing themselves as something familiar and then springing their extremist views on us. In our neighborhoods they are quietly using our favorite spots as their "breeding" grounds. Not only are they duplicating our efforts they have a giant wallet that allows them to continue to misinform. Unfortunately money is needed to continue to challenge them.

Our fundraising drive over the next 3 weeks will allow us to counter this in a productive, active and fun way: BBQ Battlefield. The immediate goal is to have our first BBQ Battlefield on Memorial Day. We simply can't do this without your donations. Please give what you can today to help us reach our immediate goal and if possible, if you are able, to reach our ultimate goal of taking this across the Nation, into the SWING states. There will likely be many swing states in 2004, as there were in 2000. In the 2004 presidential election, the political battlefields will be in swing states. These are states that do not vote consistently for Democrat or Republican candidates, but have mixed voting histories. It will be in these swing states that the next president will be selected.

Thank you for sticking by us and supporting our efforts.

To donate today please visit http://www.diypolitics.org/donations.html or click my name and click on the amount that you would like to donate.

If you would like to donate supplies please contact me at info@diypolitics.org or simply reply to this email.

Thank you so much!!!

Kimmy Cash
DIY Politics
11:32 am
A message from Kimmy/Punx for Dean
Kimmy Cash posted this in the Blog for America comments and asked that it be shared. I think it's a powerful expression of our community and what we have started with Dean for America.

How Aching heartbreak, asylum style lunacy & 24 hours in the progressive community just changed me.-Kimmy

The seemingly unmendable heartbreak first started on Feb 17th. The night before Howard Dean made his announcement. He was ending his race for the presidency. Word come over the internet that Dean was making an announcement and that he was leaving. This can’t be true! I didn’t get to vote for him yet! He’s going to win without all these states he just lost, I just knew it. I started a movement based on HIM. What is he doing? I didn’t go to bed. I sat on the official Dean site, the weblog and freaked out like I never have before. I cried all night long. You see, I ran an organization on behalf of him. I rallied people from all over the nation to vote for this man because he spoke to me in a way no other had. How can he do this to *me* ? I am not one person, I am the voice of thousands!

For the next 29 days , in 24 hour cycles, over and over and over again, Howard Dean was my best friend and my worst enemy. He was worse than that boyfriend that ditched me 10 years ago for the snobby upper crust chick. He was worse than the eviction notice at my door a few months ago. He was worse than this “incident” that happened to me so many years ago. And he was this night in shining armor --every punk rocks chick's secret fantasy, that didn‘t stop and pick me up on his horse but just kept trotting by. NO, actually he stabbed me on his way past! (I’ve actually had these dreams..that j e r k!)

I’ve never been through such a range of emotions in such a short amount of time. This heartbreak and came to a head every single night where I intentionally argued with everyone around me, typed off hateful mail, read every ANTI publication I could get my hands on, talked all night long to every anarchist I’ve ever known, wrote ever single Dean friend I had made - bitched and told them off if they weren’t on the same page and wrote like a lunatic on this place called a blog. . I am now on the steps of this place called a looney bin and my organization is going to shi*t.

Today is March 27th, 2004. I live in a townhouse that a Dean supporter hooked me up with. That’s right. Through my California Dean groups I met this woman named Annette and through a discussion list that I’m on, I found a place to live after the EVICTION and she gave it me. I still see NO DAMN GOOD in Howard Dean and his “movement” but at least I have somewhere to live! SO.. This house was built in the 80’s (yes!) and the not so great thing about that is that the air conditioner was that old too. So it broke.

It was muggy, hot, suffocating and freezing ass cold all night. This superwoman named Annette hooked it up and these guys came today to put a brand spankin’ new air conditioner in here today. It took these dudes all day to do it. The s*hit was hard. Homeboy came up and said “You have air Missy” Not only did I have air but it was the most bit*chen high tech looking air-thing-on-the-wall I have ever seen in my life. It glows! The damn monitor glows and it even has the time on it! That’s right, yours truly is moving up to the Eastside. This is my friggin’ piece of the pie and Mr. Howard Dean can’t take that from me! You go ahead and endorse John Kerry Mister fancy Pants-party joiner-heart breaker! I have freakin’ air and you can’t take it! But wait a minute..this blog of yours keeps helping me out. Fine, you are 99% my worst enemy in life.

These Dean people are around every corner and they keep sending me advice. They keep trying to help. What the hell?! Freaks. Well, I do like ‘em They have been pretty cool to me and I they WERE on the same page as me a while back.

And what’s this?? My friend Ann is giving me the politics 101 speech? She’s telling ME why I should vote Democrat and get over it? What the hell? Didn’t she just go through heartbreak too? I don’t care if she went through McGovern and Bobby Kennedy..this is WORSE! Well, I do adore her and she does have my best at heart. I guess I’ll try to listen. But but but.

Andrew White? Michael Muerer? Charlie from San Diego? Charlie Grapski? Randy Foote? Alex in MN? Jax and tsa and Renee and photoshop boy Demetrius? Linda? Free Spirit? I mean come on, her name is free spirit. She doesn’t KNOW me. She can’t relate to ME. But sh*it, I like her. What’s this? She’s getting a tatt?

Annette with her fancy *air* and bloggers from Dean world are coming at me from every angle and damnit I am starting to hear them and starting to breathe. EVEN MR OLER! Creeps. They don’t know me and I don’t know them and it will forever stay that way. Thanks Howard!

You know, I’m just going to enjoy my air and ignore the whole world. Wait. It’s 60 degrees outside and I have these outstanding electric bills from 3 years ago and got caught by the electric company, I can’t run the air. No, I couldn’t even if I could because the world is ending and it’s all Everyone’s FAULT!!!!!!

Fine, I’ll teach my kid how to perfect that SOUND he makes when he puts his hand under his arm pit. You know, *that* sound. Yeah, and I’ll eat a bunch of food and tell Frankie to quit playing that damn guitar and I’ll kiss my daughter a thousand times. Scratch the food thing, there’s only enough for the kids and no paycheck. So I did.

I can hate the world and everyone in it and ESPECIALLY HOWARD DEAN and his “movement” and still check the mail. So I did. This group that Punk Voter helped me network with, Indy Voter sent a package for me! A book and an organizer! I GOT A GIFT. HA HA on you Howard Dean! After I go through my email and tell a few people off, eat a cracker or two and love these kids up and send their funky but*ts to bed, I’m reading this damn book and Dr Dean can’t stop me! I’m going to have a revolution and this book is going to tell me how. “How to throw Stupid White Men out of Office” Perfect!!! Dean=white. Kerry=whiter. But wait..let me check my email and look at the dumb blog again.

Okay so the air-thing on the wall made me feel good and blog land was totally peaceful and my kids were feelin’ my vibes and actually being good. I conquered writing my first fundraising letter with the help of those good friends I was telling you about. Things are feeling different. So I sat down to read my new ‘how to start a revolution’ book. Of course it started with the Florida situation and Bush’s crap but then it started talking about how over the years the Democrats lost their spine.

What happened to them? How did they become so messed up? This is going to be so good. Democrat jerks! The book got better and better and I’ve only read like 45 pages or so. You see, this book started messing with me. They lost their spine and got tired of losing. They lost because they were trying to do something right. Hmm. Wait a damn minute here!! A blogger or an insider purposely sent this to me to mess with my head!! haha Ok, that was a bit dramatic.

Have you ever heard of the Hip Hop Deputy Mayor Ras Baraka? That’s right, I said Hip Hop. It's in this book. See, his deal is that he ran over and over again and didn’t’ win. He used to campaign in his hip hop garb, and then a tie and then he started suiting up for the job. He counted on his friends, networked with his own and thought he would win because he was right and the other guys were wrong. “In a fairyland that would be the right thing to happen. But in the real world it doesn’t have anything to do with right and wrong. Especially in politics” Eventually he joined up on a ticket with the guy he ran against and he’s making a huge difference. Some people think he’s a sellout.

“People in the community, they are grateful and very thankful that we took the job…“ he said. “Ask the people at 515 Elizabeth Avenue, where we’re trying to get rid of this landlord for them, if they would’ve been happy if we didn’t take the job out of some political theoretical stuff that really makes no difference”

Whoa. So I read it over and over again and I thought (in the most dramatic way) ‘Ask the country that is dying if they can forgive us for not helping-- For not voting Bush out. Theoretical stuff that makes no difference to the average American.’ Holy crap.

After all of this (and much more I didn‘t mention), the first 2 sections of this new book, days with no sleep and hours and hours of alone time, I have something to say:

Howard Dean, bloggers, friends, enemies, Frankie, kids.. I’m sorry. The Progressive community is coming together and we cannot be stopped. This movement started with a guy named Howard Dean and a team led by Joe Trippi and it’s continuing with us. We have to network, we have to stick together and check it: I finally realize that it’s not about *me*. Doctor, I finally hear the message and thanks to the air blown my way, I can breathe. Thank you.

Kimmy Cash
Friday, March 26th, 2004
8:38 pm
Open Letter to Senator John Kerry by Daniel C
Open Letter to Senator John Kerry,

Living in New Hampshire I have watched your political career with mixed regard for thirty years. I will not pursue my perceptions further at this point in time because the Neo-conservative Republicans, with their habit of quoting out of context, do not need any encouragement. Let me simply say that you were deservedly considered the weakest candidate in the fall of 2003. If you will take a real stand and hold to that position, it’s finally time you know, I will let bygones be.

That means I want some assurance that you will not begin open season on drilling for oil in this country (despite any promises otherwise). That means that you will balance the budget and you will not raise taxes on anyone in the middle class, (otherwise repeal all tax cuts for the wealthy). That means you will create a Universal Health Care Insurance program, and not simply a mandatory insurance at a slightly reduced rate. That means that you will stem the flow of jobs out of this country and you will punish corporations that move overseas (offer them moratoriums if they move back quickly). Finally, that means you will propose a resolution condemning unilateral expeditionary aggressions like Iraq and return honor to our country. Also, Howard Dean promised to sit down and in the first days of his presidency to undo every presidential order that George Bush signed against the environment, do that. If you will sign a binding resolution to do these things once in office, I will pledge to work as hard to get you elected as I would have to get Howard Dean elected.

Now I will not accept a long-winded circuitous half promise. I feel justified in demanding this written pledge because of your aggressive campaign tactics and the behind the scenes manipulation the Democratic National Committee used to push you forward as a candidate without true merit. I do not agree that you won fair and square. I have heard the push polling on my own phone. I have experienced the media onslaught and its effects first hand. Since you have taken it upon yourself to force your candidacy, you must take responsibility for your actions. The Democratic National Committee too must take responsibility for its actions in forcing the weakest candidate in the field on the electorate. You, and only you, sir have the full responsibility to deliver results. You had better get on the ball because the Republicans are already pulling out in front.

Sincerely, Daniel Carr (Ashuelot, New Hampshire)
Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
3:44 pm
MTV article about DFA 2.0

The former Vermont governor announced his plans Thursday for a new organization, Democracy for America, in an effort to channel the momentum from his now-defunct Dean for America presidential campaign into helping other Democratic candidates take back the White House and Congress.

"You have the power to make this new organization matter and to use it to change America," he told an eager crowd in Seattle after outlining his plan to continue promoting his progressive, grass-roots agenda. "You have the power to take back Washington for ordinary Americans and make this country great again. Let's make it happen, starting right here, right now."

Since Dean's departure from the race, his supporters — unwilling to let their candidate go gently into the night — have been anxiously awaiting the unveiling of his phase two. And Dean answered their calls with the revamped DFA blueprint, finally ready to "support the people who supported him," as 24-year-old DFA blogmaster Tanner Brooks put it.

After the collapse of the Dean campaign, speculation about the fate of the so-called Deaniacs and their movement had reached a fever pitch. By the time Massachusetts Senator John Kerry — once one of Dean's most vocal rivals — was named the nominee, and he and Dean kissed and made up, new worries were brewing in the Dean camp. The DFA blog overflowed with vehement opinions, and talk of a Kerry endorsement from Dean spurred even more heated conversation. Bloggers were appalled at the possibility that Dean might turn over his hard-won delegates — or worse yet, his supporter list — to the Kerry campaign.

"Dean supporters are a unique bunch, and asking them to go to another candidate after asking them to continue fighting was bound to make some angry," said Becca Doten, the Southern California Generation Dean organizer. "We all know he supports Kerry, he stood next to him in public, and that's what made me say OK and swallow my pride to sit down with people to discuss Kerry. We'll support Kerry and do whatever it takes, but we don't need an endorsement."

I like this part of the article best, though:

"The great thing about the Dean campaign wasn't just that we were getting people to vote for this specific candidate," she said. "We did all this community-building and it opened our eyes to how empowering it is to know you have a say. We're not going to give that up now that the campaign's over. It reminded us that there's something beyond ourselves, and it appealed to the best in all of us, so we're going to keep doing that."

There is also an article in Salon about Dean's new organization. If you don't have a Salon membership, you can get a free day pass by watching a brief ad.

Dr. Dean's new Rx

Making his third and final speech announcing Democracy for America, which transforms his campaign into an advocacy organization, Dean packed the house and an overflow room in New York City last Friday. It was the first time Dean returned to New York since calling it quits, and he was greeted with a raucous standing ovation. "If you keep that up, I might just get back in the race," he remarked, which was followed by more applause. He flashed his trademark impish grin then wagged his finger at would-be speculators: "I'm kidding. That was a joke."
Dean's meteoric rise and fall will be debated long after the election is over. But one thing his supporters and critics alike acknowledge is the impact he's had so far on the Democratic Party, a role that his new organization is designed to perpetuate. Democracy for America will use the innovative Internet tools devised during the campaign to raise small donations, encourage progressive candidates to run at the local level, and bring new voters into the fold who will keep the Democratic Party on track.
But make no mistake: If Dean is able to convert his campaign into a powerful advocacy organization that provides him with a platform, don't expect him to jump around on the sidelines and yell cheers at the players on the field. Of course, Dean is playing nice now because his primary objective is to get rid of Bush, but he's also comfortable being something of a man without a country. He's had to learn the hard way that in order to change the party from within, he needs to be on the inside

I am working to update our Resources for the Grassroots page, to reflect the new flyers, bumper stickers, etc. that supporters create for Democracy for America, as well as adding links to any new blogs, web pages, and groups that are being created. Click here to see the page so far. If you have anything to add, my e-mail address is listed near the bottom of the page. Also, if you have not yet seen the letter and questions to Kerry, you can find them here.
10:19 am
Koping with Kerry
Yesterday, Howard Dean was kind enough to post in Blog for America, forwarning us all that he would be endorsing John Kerry on March 25.

I don't want to give any of you a heart attack, but I plan to formally endorse John Kerry on Thursday, along with all 34 Congress people who endorsed me during the campaign.

One of the goals of the campaign was to send George Bush back to Texas, and the only person with a chance of doing that is John Kerry. I have spoken with him on numerous occasions. He is committed to universal health care, he has an excellent environmental record, and for that and many other reasons, he is a far better choice for president than the current resident of the White House who apparently (as revealed on Sixty Minutes over the weekend) ignored warnings of the potential of a terrorist attack before 9/11 in addition to costing us 2.3 million jobs!

In any case, I encourage you to support Sen. Kerry, but if you are not ready to do so, I hope you'll put lots of energy into the other two goals: reforming the Democratic Party to nurture its recent backbone transplant, and making the grassroots stronger to get progressive voices on every school board, county commission, City Council, etc. in the country. Many thanks for all you do!!

Throughout the afternoon and evening, bloggers worked out their own ways of coping/looking on the bright side:
My friend Stacy and I were talking about all the great ideas for enabling a vote for Kerry in November that are coming up on these threads.

I'm envisioning now a sort of VoterAid Kit:

Items to date include (thanks to many posters)

1 Patriotic Barf Bucket (with ABB candidate's face on bottom); this bucket will initially hold

1 VotePin (for holding nose closed to free both hands for the vital lever);

2 Travel Sized bottles of Strong Liquor - Samples include your choice of Tequila, Rum, Whiskey, Gin. Instructions include drinking one before, one after the vote;

1 Wand of Political-Medicinal Marijuana (in states where this is legal);

1 Book of Strike Anywhere Matches (in states where P-M Marijuana is legal);

1 Baby Wipe to cleanse hands and face after vote and use of Patriotic Barf Bucket;

1 Slip of Paper with Designated Driver to Enable the ABB voter.


Posted by Patricia Taylor
I have compiled all of your suggestions,and put together our..
~Top Reasons to Vote Kerry List~

1.He has an FBI file.
2.He has big hair.
3.He was great in "The Lord of the Rings".
4.He can talk out of both sides of his mouth at the same time,without moving his eyebrows.(now THAT'S talent)
5.He cusses like a drunken sailor.(I can relate to that)
6.He most likely can speak in complete and understandable sentences.
7.He is taller than a shrub.
8.He can speak 3 foreign languages flawlessy,as well as broken English.
9.He most likely does not lick himself;thus avoiding those hazardous hairballs.(had to be there)
10.His wife has balls.
11.He wears a pink tie.
12.He's better than a grilled cheese sandwich.(that's a matter of opinion.)
13.He has a good arm for throwing things over fences.
14.He has great balance..."You son of a bit*h!"
15.As much as he likes ketchup,he never puts it on his hot dogs.(I can respect that)
16.He can watch TV and eat pretzels at the same time.
and last but not least...
17.He already has a memorial on Easter Island!

I would like to thank our list of contributors...
Irmaly,Lobsters,Oscar,Dhorman,Listener,Andrew C. White,Puddleriver,Ed,Denise,and me Floridababe.
I would also like to add a few I recieved from a bona-fide Kerry supporter...

-He was great in The Wizard of Oz, too!
-He can pronounce "nuclear" (as far as I know)
-Flip-flops are in style this season!
-He should have no problem smoothing out all the wrinkles in the budget--just look at his forehead!
-Two positions are better than one!


Posted by thefloridababe2003
Saturday, March 20th, 2004
4:30 pm
FYI: List of campaigns discussed on the blog
In the Democracy for America blog, people have been asking for a list of candidates to support. No such list exist officially as of yet, but Monica Smith posted this:

OK, here's my list of people that have been spoken of favorably on the blog. You all are still going to have to use your own judgement.


That should be enough to get you all started. I've sent a contribution to Nelson in NM myself.

Posted by Monica Smith
Thursday, March 18th, 2004
8:32 am
"bet it was the word "weenie" in SS's song."

Possibly. But the other day I was trying to do a "click my name" and direct people to a Bush parody site. I kept slightly changing my post, trying to figure what I needed to leave out to not get that "your comment could not be submitted because your comment could not be submitted" message.

As near as I could figure, it was probably the actual URL it was not allowing.
Here it is:
And you can check this one out too-- http://www.whitehouse.org

Know of any other good ones?
8:03 am
Kerry's Lament 2.0
Subway Serenade is having trouble posting on the blog at the moment, and he asked me if I would post this for him. I wasn't able to post it either, so I am posting it here. Some word or words in it are probably being blocked by the blog software.

Kerry's Lament. 2.0
You know the tune.




Sorry about the caps--they're not mine. :-P
Friday, March 12th, 2004
3:09 pm
I haven't posted "Don't endorse!" or "Please endorse!" in the blog threads as of yet. I don't like the idea for a number of reasons, but I am pretty resigned that a decision has probably been made and there's not a lot I can do about it. Still, I feel like it's important that we have some input, and are at least able to say in our own voices what our concerns are about Kerry.

Will that matter? I really don't know. I'd like to think it would, but so much has felt out of our control since Dean suspended his campaign. I guess I at least want to make sure we don't miss the opportunity to have our say regarding our concerns about Kerry.

I would like to send out questions for Kerry to both Howard Dean and John Kerry. If you haven't done so yet, please take a look at the questions and add any of your own if you have them. http://dean2004.bmgbiz.net/questionkerry.html

Also, I have noticed that a lot of the time when we get a statement from Howard, we are left with a lot of unanswered questions. One question I have is what will happen with the blog in phase two--will it stay up? Will there be a new one?

Another question is, if Howard *does* endorse John Kerry, how do we insure that we still have the power? How does he plan to endorse Kerry without giving away our power?

In addition to the questions for Kerry, I would like to send Dean some questions that we would like him to address, so that we don't end up with more questions than answers on the 18th. If you have any questions for Howard Dean about "what happens now" and would like them included when I mail these things to him, please send those to me as well.
Thursday, March 11th, 2004
1:46 pm
Have you seen this?


"brilliant strategists at Bush-Cheney HQ allow you to customize a campaign poster with a slogan of your choosing. And, yes, we tried the obvious ones but someone thought to block those. You can't make a poster that says "Penis," or "Poo-Poo," or "Prince of Darkness." Sadly, you also can't produce propaganda that asserts badly needed pro-Bush sentiments. We tried, and failed, to make a poster reading: "Not Hitler!" Thinking that perhaps wasn't strong enough, we also tried "It's not like he's Hitler." No go. Even the more emphatic "Not at all like Hitler in the least!" was rejected. Disturbingly, we did get away with "Lebensraum!"

UPDATE: Please send us the results of your creative adaptations of this technology. We're also interested in what slogans get rejected. "


Check out "Your slogans fight back"

On another page, some Kerry slogans
Wednesday, March 10th, 2004
10:01 pm
Why I can't "support" Kerry at this point
I wish the people pressing for unity, who don't understand why it would be hard for the new activists Dean inspired to do the same things for Kerry would try a little harder to see our perspective on this. I have seen a lot of comments, especially on the DNC blog, from people who just can't fathom the idea that we wouldn't support Kerry in the same gung ho way we supported Dean.

On the Dean blog, some posters keep reminding us, "Hey, politics is an ugly business!" Well, yes, and that is why I wasn't involved before. I only became involved because Howard Dean was offering something different from "politics as usual".

But now, having seen the primary process up close, it is going to take some real effort and self-discipline just to make myself vote for Kerry---like plugging my nose and forcing myself to swallow some bad tasting medicine that will probably help me feel a little better, but also has unpleasant side effects. To make the quantum leap from that distateful vote to actual enthusiastic support is not even a concept I can grasp.

The analogy I thought of recently is this: I have never seen, with my own eyes, the process of preparing meat for sale. I suspect that if I did, it would be hard for me to continue to eat meat. If I did observe the whole process, from slaughter to packaging, and somehow becoming a vegetarian was not an option, and I had to keep eating meat, then I would find a way to do it. But if I were asked to sell it to other people, knowing what I now knew, I would not be able to do that.

For me the best, most constructive and honest way I can support Kerry is by focussing my energy (what I can afford after I do the things I need to do to care for my family and myself) against Bush. Here is a site Demetrius and I worked on before we got involved in the Dean campaign.

Anyway, this is where I am right now as far as "support" for the presumptive nominee. I think it will be important for us to express our perspective calmly and firmly--not accepting the press or other Democrats vilifying Dean supporters for failing to enthusiastically hop on board in full support of Kerry right now.
Friday, March 5th, 2004
2:29 pm
New posters and flyers
Posters available from our home page.

VOTE for YOUR VOICE in the Dem. Party on March 9th
VOTE MARCH 9th - Make your voice heard!
STILL ON THE BALLOT! - Vote for a voice in the Party!
Your vote makes a difference in the Party!
MARCH 9th - VOTE to keep the message ALIVE!

One thing I woke up thinking about is the fact that a lot of people feel helpless, bulldozed, and like their vote doesn't matter. Also, we have seen that Kerry has a recent history of abandoning his base, or at least taking it for granted. Who has he already let down?

The GLBT vote, by saying he would actually consider a *constitutional amendment* defining marriage as only between a man and a woman.

The pro-choice vote, by sitting out the vote on late term abortions.

The African-American vote--ESPECIALLY in Florida. I was really alarmed when I saw Unprecedented a couple days after Christmas, and found out that there had been a *huge* Get Out the Vote effort among African Americans in Florida. We saw people in that documentary marching with signs saying bring 5 people with you to the polls. It was in *that* context that thousands of African Americans were disenfranchised--turned away from the polls.

Kerry's response to people still upset about the stolen election last July? "Stop crying in your teacups! Get over it!" In addition, when members of the Congressional Black Caucus wanted a full investigation into the voting irregularities in 2000, they were unable to get a single senator to support them.

There are probably more groups out there that I haven't mentioned here--people who are assumed to be part of the "base", who Kerry probably feels he can take for granted. There is potential for the grassroots to send targeted messages to these different communities, saying:

1. Your vote now will not hurt us in the general election--we know you will still vote for the Dem (even Kerry) to get Bush out.
2. Kerry needs to know that he can't take you for granted and remain popular.
3. Your vote is your voice--send Kerry a message in the primary.
4. You still can vote for someone, even if you heard they dropped out. If his name is on the ballot, you can vote for him.

We have a new flyer (two to a page) that reads:

November 2000
Thousands of Florida citizens were disenfranchized from the political process by the actions of the Bush family and conservative members of the US Supreme Court.

July 2003
As the nation prepared to celebrate her heritage of freedom last week, Senator John Kerry offered his own peculiar take on the meaning of democracy:

"Stop crying in your teacups,"
he told an audience in response to outcries
about the stolen election of 2000.
"Get over it!" No, Senator Kerry, We Won't Get Over It March 2004 We have the opportunity to send John Kerry a message that we will NOT be disenfranchised again. And, we will not be taken for granted! Certainly not by our OWN party!

John Kerry may have the nomination locked up already because of the frontloaded primary election schedule imposed on the states by DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe. This schedule was designed to favor establishment candidates who are controlled by the Party Elite. This is to ensure that they maintain the power and not us!

John Kerry will need your vote in November to beat Bush, but, thanks to Terry McAuliffe, he doesn't need it now. Right now he needs to be sent a message!
Your vote is your voice. It's time to speak up!

More Progressive candidates have suspended their
campaigns but are still on the ballot! Your
vote for "anybody but Kerry" sends a message that the power belongs to the people and not the Party Elites!

1:38 pm
This is a big reason why many of us are choking on the idea of "supporting" John Kerry with anything more than a nose-holding vote in November:

Political Mugging In America
Anatomy of an "independent" smear campaign


On November 7, 2003, a strange new group no one had ever heard of called "Americans for Jobs & Healthcare" was quietly formed and soon thereafter began running a million dollar operation including political ads against then-frontrunner Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean. The commercials ripped Dean over his positions or past record on gun rights, trade and Medicare growth. But the most inflammatory ad used the visual image of Osama bin Laden as a way to raise questions about Dean's foreign policy credibility. While the spots ran, Americans for Jobs—through its then-spokesman, Robert Gibbs, a former Kerry campaign employee—refused to disclose its donors.

The Dean campaign cried foul, but no one, including the news media, could figure out exactly who was behind "Americans for Jobs." The disturbing mystery was partly solved by Jim VandeHei of the Washington Post on February 11, after reviewing public Internal Revenue Service records filed under Section 527 of federal tax law. Unfortunately for voters and the general public, that legal disclosure information was filed January 30, 2004, nine days after the Iowa caucuses in which Massachusetts Senator John Kerry upset former Vermont governor Howard Dean. Those contribution records were updated again with another $337,000 in donations on March 4, 2004, for a total of exactly $1 million that the group raised.

The most stunning single fact to emerge—which should have been covered more heavily nationwide and was first broken by the Web site PoliticsNJ.com—was that disgraced former Senator Robert Torricelli, severely admonished for his unsavory campaign finance practices and forced to leave the Senate, had quietly donated $50,000 from his old Senate campaign account to Americans for Jobs. Torricelli reportedly also is a fundraiser for Senator Kerry's presidential campaign.

Why is one of the sleaziest former public officials helping Senator Kerry collect campaign cash? And now that Torricelli and other Kerry campaign donors have been "outed" for supporting the controversial group, why hasn't Kerry been directly asked about the entire controversy? Indeed, why hasn't the avowed campaign finance reformer publicly criticized either the caper or Torricelli? Kerry and his campaign staff declined to answer these and other related, on-the-record questions from the Center for Public Integrity. A Kerry spokesman, Chad Clanton, was quoted in the Washington Post as saying that "I am told no one knew anything about it."
Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004
9:58 pm
16 (or so) questions for Kerry
Headline now reads "Kerry Cements Nomination". Umm...click below for delegate count. I don't know if there's something newer than what Yahoo has up, but he's not even close to the 2162 he needs for the nomination.

I'll say it again...I am *not* ready to unite. Not by a long shot. I also will not be blamed or shamed for failing to unite after the dreadful behavior of Kerry in this campaign.

He wants our support? The coveted "Deaniac" energy and willingness to donate? He needs to start working to earn it. We are not in the general election yet. He gets my vote by default (not everyone else's here, I know) but not my support.

I'm not kidding about the 16 Questions--doesn't have to be that exact number, but I feel that we should submit some *thoughtfully worded* questions to Kerry, as a group, and make it clear that we expect him to be in dialog with us. Our support cannot be taken for granted, but he can work to earn it if he so desires.

Please e-mail your questions to me at renee(at)bmgbiz.net
Thank you to Beth in PA for getting us started:

1)How will you protect the taxpayer's hard earned tax money when your special interest financiers commit fraud (as in Worldcom, Enron, Tyco)?

2) How will you tell your big money special interests to clean up the mess they make before letting them move their jobs and assets off shore?

3) When George Bush's "big money" pushes up against your "big money", where will that leave us taxpayers after the clash: still paying the bills for all of your excesses?

4) When will you investigate the ~$4 billion in taxpayer's hard earned money that goes missing each year from the Pentagon budget? (See Chuck Spinney)

5) When will your stump speech quit plagerizing Dr Dean? [Didn't you Skull&Bones boys learn anything other than mimicry at Yale?]

6) How did you explain your wife's financial relationship with WalMart to the union folks who support you?

7) What are you going to do about the media industry megalopoly?

8) And when Fleet finances lent you, what was it, $430,000? for a townhouse in DC worth half that value, what happened to the rest of the money? (Ctr for Public Integrity) Did you give it back like the time you accepted money from Mr Chung?

9) Do you know the difference between plutocracy and democracy?

10) Do you know how to weight imperfect information that comes from questionable intel?

11) Do you know the difference between possibility and probability when estimating "imminence"?

12) Do you know the basics of critical thinking when presented with decisions under uncertainty?

13) Should you become the President, will your VP actually run the show?

14) What kind of decision process do you go through when filling job openings: do you look to the people you owe the biggest favors to or do you look for people who can augment any weaknesses you might have in probabilistic thinking?

15) How do you explain to the people of Mass that, under your watch as senator of that state, the growth rate in future jobs for MA went to MINUS 2.6 while over the border in that state of the Green Mtns, the growth in future jobs went up to what, 12.4% (BestPlaces.com statistics)?

16) How do you explain to the people of Mass that, under your watch as senator, the watershed quality is 1.0 (with 100 = best) whereas in Vt, it went up to 70 (and that's WITH the acid rains out of the OH valley)?
From Listener:

Here's another question for Mr. Kerry...

What role will you offer Howard Dean in your new administration?

My husband says Kerry's answer to nearly every question on your list will begin:
"Yes, back when I was in Vietnam..."

My view is that any response Kerry gives to any question will only be flip flopped on later. He talks a good game, but he never delivers. No matter how much dialogue he does with us, he doesn't get a vote from me. I would have to see real results from him...measurable stuff.
From Barry:

One of the questions I would like Kerry to answer is whether he supported the ad against Dean with the picture of Osama bin Laden -- you remember the one from the Iowa primary. I told myself at the time that I could never vote for whomever had been behind that shameless ad, and apparently one of Kerry's backers was involved.

I suppose this is not the most sophisticated of election questions, but it has been bothering me. I would rather not give away a vote to Bush, but it will be hard to stomach a vote for Kerry given his suspect affiliations.
From Jovana:

What I want to know, Mr. Kerry, is how when other able-bodied Senators (including your colleague Sen. Kennedy and others such as Feingold and Murray) were capable of winnowing through George W. Bush’s lies about Iraq intelligence, you could vote for an illegitimate war. Just as an aside, what was that intelligence that you were privvy to that other’s couldn’t see???

What I want to know is how you DARE to champion education when you promoted ending tenure for teachers and voted for No Child Left Behind?

What I want to know is how you can possibly claim to hold American domestic security as a priority when you have voted to cut defense spending, have voted to cut (SIGNIFICANTLY cut) intelligence spending, and have laid out NO PLANS WHATSOEVER for defending our country from terrorists?

What I want to know is how you dare to run a campaign based on your Vietnam service when nary a decade ago, you lambasted current politicians for opening those precarious wounds?

What I want to know is why you haven’t come up with one original thought since you started this campaign for president, opting instead to steal (sometimes VERBATIM) Howard Dean’s lines…what will you do when it’s just you and Bush with no one’s ideas to co-opt?????

What I want to know is why I should vote for you (or give you money) when you push-polled Iowa voters (sometimes with Anti-Semitic undertones regarding Judy Dean) and ran heinous ads comparing a good Democrat to Osama bin Laden with fraudulent money from an exiled crook?
Senator Kerry,

How come if you're so committed to funding of NCLB you (and John Edwards) were absent from the vote last March ('03) to vote NO on tabling the debate for full funding?

How come if your're so committed to the plight of workers you (and John Edwards) were absent last week from the vote to extend unemployment benefits? (Sheesh, even our two Ohio Republican seneators were present and voted for it.)

--John in Cincinnati
From Michelle:

How about asking Mr. Kerry if he will be willing to break up the media conglomerates, and do some re-regulation of that industry, as Dean said he would do. This has got to change. The media has tremendous influence, because it shapes the public's opinions on Everything. As he knows all too well. It destroyed one candidate and built up another.

Then I might consider giving him my vote. I would begin to respect him, but not until he states what he will do concerning this. Let's see if this War Hero has as much backbone as he claims.
Here are a few questions for Kerry...

1. During the debate prior to the vote in Wisconsin, you refused to take responsibility for your YES vote that handed George Bush war power that allowed him to invade Iraq. Over 500 young Americans and thousands of Iraqis have been killed in the war in Iraq and many thousands more have suffered horrible injuries.

Please answer these questions in less than 5 minutes:

Why didn't you know what George Bush was planning when millions of people from around the world knew? Why didn't you speak out, as you said you would, when you finally realized Bush was lying to you and the American people? When will you take full responsibility for the consequences of your poor judgement?

2. Please tell us in 50 words or less:

What is your most important legislative accomplishment as Senator?

3. Please tell us in less than 3 minutes:

When did you first learn of the ads that smeared Governor Dean in Iowa? And, why is your campaign still associated with the people who funded those ads?

Just a start.....

Senator Kerry,

On December 13, you said that if Howard Dean were President, Saddam Hussein would still be in power.

Would Saddam still be in power if you were President?

Thomas K
Newport, RI
Senator, it appears Democrats didn't learn ANYTHING from the role Ralph Nader
played in handing the White House to the Republicans in 2000. Here we are,
four years later and no senator has introduced a bill to calling for Instant
Runoff Voting which would allow Americans to vote FOR a candidate instead of

Will you reach out to Greens and independents and mitigate the Nader factor
by putting Instant Runoff Voting before the Senate PRIOR to this years election?


(Steviemo in MN)
From Kate in Montclair

What I want to know, Senator Kerry, is:
Are you aware there is a racial divide in this country, and are you, too, tired of being divided by race?
Are you, too, eager to talk about race with white people, rather than just in communities of nonwhites, and just on the third weekend of January, some part of February, and when you're running for office?
And, do you agree that proper leadership could actually unite America around our shared challenges for quality schools, job opportunities, a clean environment, affordable healthcare, secure finances upon retirement, rather than divide us around our fears, our prejudices, and our race?
11:24 am
My husband just made one more Dean sign--aimed at people who might not have been planning to go to the polls--for putting up in grocery stores, rec centers, and anywhere else you can post such things.

Do you want real change in Washtington?
Howard Dean stood up for what's right when the others caved in!
And he has a record of results!
Thank him with your vote today and send a message that we want
results. Not just talk!

We have a bunch of left over Dean stickers, so we'll be using those to attach the half-sheet signs here and there around town. Hope
others will do likewise. Maybe we can get some otherwise disenchanted voters to take the time to cast their votes today and make a


More here: http://dean2004.bmgbiz.net
Monday, March 1st, 2004
2:48 pm
Yesterday I found something great in the Ohio for Dean Yahoo group--it was a link to an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer by Dick Feagler. He was a McCain Republican and he's pro-Dean. The column is called "Another presidential vote, another media hijacking".

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with my vote, but I was leaning toward Dean. Then the media finished him off. The media portrayed him as too angry to be president, whatever that means - they offered no evidence to support their indictment. And one night he yelled too loud at a meeting of his supporters and that was that!

The guy I might have voted for was lost because of a 10-second cheerleader yell on television. Not because of his ideas. Not because of the issues. Not because of any dirt anybody dug up in his personal life. One sound-bite, and he was history.

I understand television because I'm in television. I've been in it now for 30 years. And what I know is that television hates thought. Thought is borrr-ing. What television loves is when a couple of guys fight over a simplistic issue. An issue that allows the dumbest among us to have an opinion.

A good example of that was the so-called debate, hosted by Larry King, on CNN Thursday night. Everybody else was wearing suits but Larry showed up in his trademark suspenders. That was the tip-off that what followed would be more about Larry and CNN than it would be about the future of the nation.

The candidates were Kucinich, Sharpton, Kerry and Edwards. But it was immediately apparent that Kucinich and Sharpton had been seated at the back of the bus. There was no timekeeper and most of the questions were directed at Kerry and Edwards.

The headlines that morning had shrieked about the dire problems with Social Security. This issue never came up in the 90-minute "debate." The first 30 minutes were devoted to questions aimed at Kerry and Edwards about gay marriage. Each of them waffled.

And they both waffled for the rest of the show. When Sharpton or Kucinich got a rare chance to speak, they got the most applause from the audience. But they didn't speak much. The media operate on the star system. And the anointed stars of this reality show are Kerry and Edwards. The other two guys are bit players, and bit players never steal the scene.

We have so many problems in our country. We have as many as I've seen in my life. I don't trust establishment politicians to solve any of them. Or even to address any of them honestly.

So I guess when I vote on Tuesday, it's going to be Dean or Dennis or Al. They're all losers, but what the hell. The only reason they're losers is that they talk as if they have nothing to lose. And there's a great strength in that.

Contact Dick Feagler at


This guy deserves a Golden Spine Award--or at very least some appreciative e-mails. ;-)
1:29 pm
"Hot Howard"
For anyone who has heard about the "Hot Howard" t-shirts and was
wondering where they are, click here http://www.cafeshops.com/deangfx/252504
Demetrius created the image for Valentine's Day. After much clamoring from the Dean crushie crowd, he redid the image so that it would work on Cafe Press. The original image was not high enough resolution, which is why the image on the t-shirts is smaller than some would prefer.

Speaking of those t-shirts, copy and paste the link below for the printable PDF. It combines the front and the back of the t-shirt into one image, with the words "follow your heart" under the "you know you want him" image.

Depending on where you live (near a college campus?) putting those up along with your regular Delegates for Dean signs might help catch people's attention. ;-)


Oh, and if you're really in "nothing to lose" mode, maybe it's time to pull out "Soylent Dean" again. ;-)
1:25 pm
Assorted links from icDeanPeople
"What is a minority? The chosen heroes of this earth have been in a minority. There is not a social, political, or religious privilege that you enjoy today that was not bought for you by the blood and tears and patient suffering of the minority. It is the minority that have stood in the van of every moral conflict, and achieved all that is noble in the history of the world."
-- John B. Gough

WOOT! Never give up! Never give in!

Hi y’all/ya’ll!

I collected a lot of valuable links from this blog – thought you may be interested.

Dean Visibility Event Pictures on Sat., 2/28/2004

Seattle, WA: http://www.costumegoddess.com/seattle4dean2.htm

San Francisco, CA:

Columbus, Ohio: http://dean2004.bmgbiz.net/visibility.html
Austin, TX: http://www.impactpro.com/Austin_Visibility.jpg

Burlington, Vermont:

HOWARD DEAN, New Haven, Feb.26, 2004

Geez, pressure cooker is on again – gotcha at Howard Dean and us Dean People?!

Finally, LOL:

Howard Dean Photo Essay: http://www.gmooth.net/dean/index.html

Cool flash video: http://www.hunterweeks.com/dean/

ROFLMAO: http://www.crushiesfordean.com/dear-diary.html

Young Howard Dean: http://dean2004.bmgbiz.net/valentine.jpg

Huh??? TV listings show this description for the show CNN Presents...
CNN Sunday, March 7 8:00 PM True Believers: Life Inside the Dean Campaign

Thanks to all you have done to make our voices heard. All the BEST to y'all!!!

Posted by icDeanPeople
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